Late Pick up “Daycare fee” charge prompting 2 hours earlier

Hi all,

Since opening in 2006, a term we refer to as “daycare fee”, has usually triggered at 3pm time every day. For 17 years we charge boarding service by the night. We have allowed a dog that is boarding here to have a free day of daycare play up until 3pm on their departure day. A standard $20 fee had incurred if your dog is picked up after 3pm. It has been understood that this is a very generous option that has helped customers not be so pressured to race up to Lake Stevens to avoid a later pick up charge. We are now changing this rule to 1pm. The new charge will be $25. Most dogs have had a significant daycare exercise day even by 1pm when they generally start romping around about 8am or 9am so we feel that its still very well worth the price while also allowing plenty of time for a customer to arrive before this time. This new change will go into effect May 1st, 2023.