Ar⋅ca⋅di⋅a – any real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity.

Arcadia Dog Ranch (est. 2006) and formerly Bone-a-fide Dog Ranch Lake Stevens, is a non-kennel, free range, multi-acre boarding facility on a residential property. Arcadia Dog Ranch is an alternative to traditional kenneling. It is the philosophy here that dogs need to have open space to run and explore. Fully licensed, insured and abiding by all county government regulations, Arcadia has created a positive, low-stress, and FUN environment for dogs to board. The owner resides at the location along with other residents on site 24 hours a day. Supervised outdoor playtime on the ranch can reach upwards to 8 – 9 hours each day for our visitors, weather permitting. If your dog prefers the indoors, they are more than welcome to lounge on comfy accommodations inside the home. More than half the home is outfitted for your dogs, wherein they can enjoy beds, couches, cots, hide-a-beds, ample water and a temperature controlled environment. The residents/caretakers/ranchers strive to keep all the dogs as happy as possible while their owners are away. Male and female attention is provided for the pups that prefer one over the other.

As this property also has a residence, please respect the hours of operation.