***We are accepting bookings from past and present established customers AND are now open to new dog/customer referrals only beginning May 1st, 2024 for a limited time. If you have boarded your dog (past or current) at Arcadia, please inquire about availability via email, phone, or contact form. This includes all customers that have visited all the way back from 2006***

Whether you’re taking a short business trip or a long vacation, know that your dogs are safe, secure, happy and healthy while you are away.

We are located on a scenic five acre parcel in which the dogs can enjoy both open expanses and shady trees. The perfect mix of exercise with their playmates during the day, then rest and relaxation in the evening in the clean and cozy rooms inside.

If it’s your dogs first time away from home without you the experience can be stressful. To help ease their first separation, we individually spend an ample amount of time acclimating your pup until they are ready to socialize comfortably..

To ensure your dog has a happy stay, we require the following things:

  • We require all dogs to first come for a visit, during which time you get to see our facility, and we get to know your dog and make sure the free-range environment is a good fit for everyone. Please use our contact form or send an email to set up an appointment. The owner of the dog must be present on the first visit.
  • We require all dogs to be spayed / neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations, including Bordetella. Note: The Bordetella vaccination has an incubation period of at the very least 4 days (closer to a week in most cases), so please have your dog receive this vaccination well ahead of time of boarding or visiting. Please include a negative fecal exam taken within the last 6 months. You can either have your vet email us the records, or bring along a copy when you drop your dog off for a stay.
  • Please provide enough food for the expected duration of your dogs stay. Supplying your own food assures that your dog’s diet is consistent. We do have accommodations for storing raw and frozen food diets.
  • DO NOT bring any personal possessions of any kind. This includes leashes, bowls, beds, or toys. Your dogs collar must not be metal; i.e.: choke chains, spiked or pinch collars.

Please note: All dogs on their arrival day are required to be at Arcadia between opening hours and 12pm noon. This will help moderate energy levels among the pack. Drop-off or pick-up outside normal hours of operation will incur an additional $50 fee. Arrangements MUST be made in advance with confirmation.

Please read and fill out our Boarding Contract & Pet / Owner Information Card.
Click here to download, then print, fill out and submit upon arrival. PDF viewer required.

In order for us to maintain a healthy environment, please do not bring your dog for boarding if they exhibit any of the following conditions: kennel cough, fleas/lice, or parasites. Please address any concerns with your vet.