Boarding availability early/mid April 2019

At this point in time, we will not be able to take on new clients as we do not have any available visitations/orientation dates between now and mid April 2019. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Visitation/orientation date availability

Well folks we are filling up quickly on available days for visitations. Unfortunately, we really can’t have multiple set days ahead of time, we just have to play it by ear. The dogs boarding here and their sanctity is priority number one and having a free range/cage free kennel has a whole different set of rules to play by. The last day that was available was March 2nd and the appointments available that day filled up on February 17th. The next day for certain is April 20th, I will be trying to make more appointments between now and then, but given the nature of our operation, it’s not always that easy. If we were a traditional kennel it would be easier, but we aren’t and by judging the personalities of some dogs that stay here, strangers (to them) that come by can cause quite a stir. So, to keep every one calm we just have to play by the protocol. Inquire via contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Email/Call reply turn around

Just for reference, I usually have time to reply to messages early morning or early evening in general. Sometimes it may not be same day. Your patience is appreciated.


Multiple dog rate increase for pets from different households

Though it may seem like a better deal, well it is, and it will continue to be. We just have discovered that some customers are doubling up to get the better boarding rate. We also understand that on our websites rate page it does not specify that the multi-dog rate applies to same household pets. This was basically assumed that it would be understood that people with multiple dogs of their own would get a price break, only fair, right? For 2 dogs from separate households that also board together during the same dates, the rate will now increase to $38/dog/night. Otherwise, customers with 2 dogs from the same household, the rate will remain $36/dog/night. 3+ dog rate will be discussed at the time of booking.

Current New Dog Orientation Schedule

We are currently full for all predesignated visitation/orientation days for all of January and the first half of February 2019. 

Schedule News

SCHEDULE NEWS:  Due to early bookings and limited space, at this time we are not accepting new dogs to the ranch, remaining space available for the January will be open to established customers only. This includes new dog orientations and visitations. We are sorry for this inconvenience.


History has shown that very little to no business is being conducted on Christmas Eve day here at Arcadia. So as a present to us, we will be no longer be accepting drop-offs and pick-ups on Christmas Eve day as well as already having closed doors on Christmas Day.

Phone Calls

Update: If I receive a phone call that ID’s as “private”, “unavailable”, “unknown” (or similar) and/or the person does not leave a message, I will not answer nor return your call. I respect your privacy, but I respect mine even more so, the little I still maintain. Leave a message and I will know that you’re not a robot or a robot telemarketer (the worst kind of robot).

Medical Complications

Due to temporary medical complications, I will have to be very strict and specific of the times that I will be available to conduct new dog evaluations. – Ryan

Caller IDs

Heads up to customers that call with phone numbers that display “Restricted” or “Unavailable” ID. You know who you are. Due to solicitors and cold sales calls we will not answer phone calls with these “ID’s”. Unless, of course, you really ARE a Nigerian Prince trying to give me 30 million dollars, we can talk.