Our 18th Year Anniversary this Memorial Day weekend!

I want to thank everyone that has supported Arcadia throughout the years! We have thrived for 18 years now thanks to your support! There have been so many dogs that have walked through these doors in that time and so many memories created. Many great relationships have been made and we are taking the time to appreciate every visitor (dog and human). Arcadia is not going anywhere either! We are here to stay! We will remain a clean, legitimate, attentive and ethical business for years to come.

For New Customers/Inquiries – Open to referrals ONLY beginning May 1st, 2024 for a limited time.

Starting May 1st for a undetermined limited time only, Arcadia will be accepting new dogs to join the club! We will be only accepting referrals from current established customers. Please set up your time today by email to reserve your required visitation appointment to be part of the Arcadia family!

Boarding Price Increase April 1st, 2024

Due to rising costs of operations, such as maintenance, repairs and supplies, Arcadia will be raising our prices starting April 1, 2024 to $60.00/dog/night. Keep in mind that this all inclusive price includes daycare for our boarders.

All existing discounts still apply, including multiple dog discounts. 

You will be able to see the updated prices online April 1st. 

Thank you.

Credit Card Transaction Fee For High Dollar Charges Starting In 2024

Well folks, for the last 18 years we have not charged for credit card transaction fees, but that convenience is requiring to come to an end. Transaction fees add up to a significant expense over time and benefit the credit card company for services provided by us. You have probably seen many small and larger companies charge for this convenience. Many specialty credit cards (airline miles/points for example) charge very high rates, some up to 7%!! THOUGH, we wont be huge sticklers on this charge for every transaction as we have 2 set rates through our Point of Sale, Square, which has enabled us to have fixed charges and they will only be applied to high dollar invoices. Starting in 2024, any boarding charges over $600 will incur a non-negotiable 3% transaction fee added on. For credit cards that are not present (manually entered info over telephone), will incur a 3.5% transaction fee. Believe it or not, credit card companies do charge more for when a card is not swiped/tapped in person at the Point of Sale. This price point in which the transaction fee prompts is typically for bookings over 12 nights for 1 dog and about the same for 1 week for 2 dogs. Any bookings totaling lower than that will not incur this new fee.

Dog Mystery Respiratory Illness Concern


Update: https://agr.wa.gov/about-wsda/news-and-media-relations/news-releases?article=38019

Please click on the link provided to see the latest news on this subject.

Even though confirmed cases of the mystery illness have not been reported in Washington State at the time of this post, if a customer does not feel comfortable in boarding their dog over the holidays, we are not charging a cancellation fee. Please let us know ASAP if you plan to cancel your booking. In the meantime, try to avoid dog parks as they are not regulated by any official enforcement. And keep those vaccinations current! – 11/18/23

Thank you.

Just a reminder!!

***Currently we are only accepting bookings from past and present established customers. If you have boarded your dog (past or present) at Arcadia, please inquire about availability via email, phone, or contact form. This includes all customers that have visited all the way back to 2006*** Updated 8/6/23

We no longer have a fax service

Arcadia will be closing its fax service option due to it being outdated, and frankly, only used legitimately 5 times over the last 2 years. Arcadia does not send any outgoing faxes and we mostly receive spam and the occasional (human) birth certificate from Los Angeles due to our fax number being only one number different from a hospitals fax number in Southern California. So, for the sake of faxing being useless for us and to protect any more mishaps from happening, the fax service is being eliminated. Huge blow to our communications capabilities. We suggest emailing future information to us at arcadiadogranch@live.com or bringing hard copy paperwork to us in person.

Arcadia is still not accepting new customers at this time.

Recently we have had an influx of inquiries pertaining to the acceptance of new dogs being allowed to join the ranch. We are currently not accepting new dogs at this time. Our Dog Ranch News column will be updated when the time comes. Thank you.

Third Party Coupons

If anybody comes across any third party online coupons, they are fake and are not accepted here.

No longer accepting referrals of any kind as of 2/21/22

And just like that, our referral enrollment time is over due to amount of new referral inquiries received between Feb 2nd and Feb 21st. If you are reading this and you inquired between this timeframe and have received direct contact via email or phonecall from me, your dog(s) are still accepted to book dates at Arcadia after we set up an initial orientation. Check your junk folder! I responded to a couple customers that were referrals but I never heard back from them. I will hold your invitation for 2 weeks, after that I will assume you are no longer interested.