Third Party Coupons

If anybody comes across any third party online coupons, they are fake and are not accepted here.

No longer accepting referrals of any kind as of 2/21/22

And just like that, our referral enrollment time is over due to amount of new referral inquiries received between Feb 2nd and Feb 21st. If you are reading this and you inquired between this timeframe and have received direct contact via email or phonecall from me, your dog(s) are still accepted to book dates at Arcadia after we set up an initial orientation. Check your junk folder! I responded to a couple customers that were referrals but I never heard back from them. I will hold your invitation for 2 weeks, after that I will assume you are no longer interested.

Construction activity will be present off and on mostly over the next 2.5 months – Please excuse any unsightly conditions when approaching the entrance.

Over the course of the whole year, actually, improvements will be made to the property and ranch. Arcadia is upgrading and also adding more features over the course of 2022. These actions will not directly affect the operations functions, but may inhibit our ability to maintain a normal capacity as some rooms and areas will be getting improved at the time rendering the areas temporary off limits.

Price increase starting in March 2022

Arcadia has hit its 16 year anniversary in March! When we raise our prices on March 1st, please note the we will still be on the lower side with our rates compared to similar boarding facilities. Some traditional kennels may have lower boarding rates, though the add-on services often end up being more expensive than our all inclusive pricing overall. When March arrives, 1 dog rate will be $50/night and 2 dogs will be $45/dog/night.

Christmas week is booked until December 29th/New Years timeframe space available for established customers ONLY.

Arcadia is a dedicated boarding facility only. We do not offer a daily daycare service.

Howdy folks, we are sorry to notify everyone that Arcadia does not offer a daily daycare service. We haven’t offered daily daycare since about 2012. We are a dedicated boarding facility that provides day play on the ranch for boarders only. A boarding only operation helps regulate the energy levels and maintain the settled in pups that are here for a consistent safe and calming environment.

***UPDATE 9/12/21 Currently we are only accepting dogs from pre-screened/established customers, we are no longer accepting referrals or new customers in general***

Due to high demand and limited time for evaluations, we are only allowing returning customers and friends and family of returning customers until further notice.

General Contact Page form is back up

Communication Breakdown

Not only did our phone handset break (still waiting on the replacement) but now our online contact form has been sending all inquiries to the spam folder. We’ve missed few new dog visitation inquiries. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please send all questions to That email still works properly.

Office Phone Handset is broken

Still call and leave a message by all means and I will return phone calls from another phone number until the hardline phone is replaced. The service is through Vonage, so its some proprietary device…..gonna take some time.