Visitation/orientation date availability

Well folks we are filling up quickly on available days for visitations. Unfortunately, we really can’t have multiple set days ahead of time, we just have to play it by ear. The dogs boarding here and their sanctity is priority number one and having a free range/cage free kennel has a whole different set of rules to play by. The last day that was available was March 2nd and the appointments available that day filled up on February 17th. The next day for certain is April 20th, I will be trying to make more appointments between now and then, but given the nature of our operation, it’s not always that easy. If we were a traditional kennel it would be easier, but we aren’t and by judging the personalities of some dogs that stay here, strangers (to them) that come by can cause quite a stir. So, to keep every one calm we just have to play by the protocol. Inquire via contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.