Road Closure

There will be a road closure on 84th street (the last street you turn on before my street, 111th Ave NE) for 4 weeks from July 8th through August 4th.  This will be a bit of a pain to deal with, but not too bad. If coming up Hwy 9 to Arcadia, the alternate route or detour will be to take the Hwy 92 (Granite Falls) turn-off and follow it down to 127th. Take a left, pass the baseball diamond, then take a left at the stop sign.  This turn will put you on 123rd after the bend in the road. 123rd is 40 mph road and will take you directly to 84th st. From there just take a left and approach 111th Ave Ne (my road) on the left-hand side. I believe that it will require the reverse directions to return to Hwy 9.  Please plan on adding 5 minutes to your trip.  The bad news, it’s a temporary new route…the good news, there should be minimal traffic once you hit 123rd.  I will keep this post updated as I find out any more information.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  This whole closure is to replace a culvert so we all don’t face flooding over the roads in the future. Please refer to .pdf file for a map.  If the map is too small to read, a direct link is below.


Sno County Road Closure-1

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