Email Issues

Outlook/live/ is having some technical difficulties that are out of my control.  If there have been any email attempts made recently, I cannot read them as of yet.  I’m sure this wont last too long so feel free to call or text me at 206-240-6267.  Thanks!

Road Closures Gone

The road closures are long gone. Everything is back to normal.

Road Closures Update

Update on the road closure – The road closure on 84th street to Arcadia is NOT posing a major problem.  All customers should continue taking the route that they are familiar with.  A slight detour is present at the 99th Ave intersection.  After a couple of quick turns, the detour brings you right back out onto 84th street tacking on an extra 60 seconds to the trip.

Road Closures Not Bad

Update on the road closure – They may not be so bad afterall!   Looking further into details and seeing preemptive road signs already installed in my area, the detour to Arcadia shouldnt be as bad as the what the county map below provides.  I will be scouting out the area on the first day on closure to verify a secret route!  Stay tuned, I will be back with more info.

Road Closure

There will be a road closure on 84th street (the last street you turn on before my street, 111th Ave NE) for 4 weeks from July 8th through August 4th.  This will be a bit of a pain to deal with, but not too bad. If coming up Hwy 9 to Arcadia, the alternate route or detour will be to take the Hwy 92 (Granite Falls) turn-off and follow it down to 127th. Take a left, pass the baseball diamond, then take a left at the stop sign.  This turn will put you on 123rd after the bend in the road. 123rd is 40 mph road and will take you directly to 84th st. From there just take a left and approach 111th Ave Ne (my road) on the left-hand side. I believe that it will require the reverse directions to return to Hwy 9.  Please plan on adding 5 minutes to your trip.  The bad news, it’s a temporary new route…the good news, there should be minimal traffic once you hit 123rd.  I will keep this post updated as I find out any more information.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  This whole closure is to replace a culvert so we all don’t face flooding over the roads in the future. Please refer to .pdf file for a map.  If the map is too small to read, a direct link is below.


Sno County Road Closure-1

Cell Service

The cell service for my cell phone has been hit or miss lately.  Sometimes I will not be notified of a call or a message on my phone until hours later.  Most of the time it is effective, though there are times I will not receive a call at all.  Please try the land line (206-418-6159) if any problems getting through persist. Thanks!

Summer Filling up Fast

Summer is filling up fast!  With the closing of Disco Dog Ranch in S. Lake Stevens, Arcadia is getting the roll over business.  Get your plans ready, and give me a call!

Arrival Day Drop off Time

This is a reminder to my customers that all dogs on their arrival day must be dropped-off by no later than 2pm.  This ensures that all of the guests will be able get on the same energy level.  Having all of our guests on the same energy level helps ensure better safety for all.  I cannot express how important this is.  If early drop off is completely unavoidable, like I tell my current customers, “communication is key”.

Boarding Rates Increase

Please note that due to rising credit card fees and general inflation, Arcadia will be increasing its boarding rates as of June 1st.  It’s been a total of 7 years since the rates have risen, but it wont be by too much.  $35/per night will now be $40/per night for the single dog rate and $30/per night to $35/per night for the 2 dog rate per night per dog. All existing discounts will still apply of course.  With your support I will continue to make Arcadia Dog Ranch the best free range/cage free in-home dog boarding in the county. Thank you all. – Ryan

New HVAC System

It’s been a while since I have posted, but I needed something worthy of posting!  Here it is, Arcadia just signed off on an all new environmentally friendly, energy efficient, high tech HVAC system for the facility. The old propane furnace is going bye bye and in its place will be a top of the line heat pump system. This of course includes an air conditioning and great new filtration set-up.  That’s right!  Arcadia will be set up for air conditioning during the couple of months where the doggies need it most!  All of our super fluffy furry guests will benefit the most from this. Can’t wait!