Schedule News

SCHEDULE NEWS:  Due to early bookings and limited space, at this time we are not accepting new dogs to the ranch, remaining space available for the January will be open to established customers only. This includes new dog orientations and visitations. We are sorry for this inconvenience.


History has shown that very little to no business is being conducted on Christmas Eve day here at Arcadia. So as a present to us, we will be no longer be accepting drop-offs and pick-ups on Christmas Eve day as well as already having closed doors on Christmas Day.

Phone Calls

Update: If I receive a phone call that ID’s as “private”, “unavailable”, “unknown” (or similar) and/or the person does not leave a message, I will not answer nor return your call. I respect your privacy, but I respect mine even more so, the little I still maintain. Leave a message and I will know that you’re not a robot or a robot telemarketer (the worst kind of robot).

Medical Complications

Due to temporary medical complications, I will have to be very strict and specific of the times that I will be available to conduct new dog evaluations. – Ryan

Caller IDs

Heads up to customers that call with phone numbers that display “Restricted” or “Unavailable” ID. You know who you are. Due to solicitors and cold sales calls we will not answer phone calls with these “ID’s”. Unless, of course, you really ARE a Nigerian Prince trying to give me 30 million dollars, we can talk.


Looks like Thanksgiving is pretty well booked up now. For those customers that have been here before, I’ve held onto a couple spots for ya. Give me call before I have to give them up!!!

Bordetella Vaccination

Note: The Bordetella vaccination has an incubation period of at the very least 4 days (closer to a week in most cases), so please have your dog receive this vaccination well ahead of time of boarding or visiting.

Change to Discounts

Hello folks!  We are going to be changing the way discounts apply for extended stays here at Arcadia as of Memorial Day weekend. Be sure to visit the discount section under the Prices category on the website.  Essentially the 15% discount will be eliminated but the 10% and 20% discounts will still apply for specific lengths of stays.  Arcadia stays competitive in boarding prices given the all inclusive service we provide and we will remain to do so in these always changing times of increased cost of living and general economic inflation. Please also remember that our prices always include all-day daycare playtime with the overnight boarding fee while your dog stays here.

Website back up

I apologize for the Arcadia website being down for the last 11 – 13 days.  We suspect an act of kitten terrorism. The server may have been infected by kitty hackers and they put their kitten smarts to work and placed kitty malware in our code. The site is now officially safe and we have taken actions to insure that this doesn’t happen again.

Christmas Full

We are now full for Christmas. A few spots are still available for the Thanksgiving and New Years time frames.  Unfortunately we will not have time to perform new dog evaluations in this short amount of time. Remaining spots will need to be reserved for current customers.